Green policy

GPRS Recruitment takes its impact on the environment seriously and has sought ways to decarbonise, reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Some of our initiatives to date:

  • Education of staff on sustainability and what they can do to make a difference.
  • Use e-mail instead of mail delivery services.
  • Staff access to IT systems from home.
  • The online review of documents instead of printing them out.
  • Our business uses Green Power as we have selected a Green Supplier.
  • We endeavor to use public transport where possible.
  • Our paper is recycled as much as possible and we purchase recycled paper.
  • We use organic cleaning products.
  • We have programmed our computers for rapid sleep mode, and where practicable these are always switched off overnight.
  • The establishment of an intranet, (web pages on our private network). Using these to electronically store items such as policies and procedures, human resources documents, employee benefits, phone directories, and other internal documents.
  • Bank and pay bills online.
  • Use Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature when editing a document that was written by someone else. It allows the originator to see the changes, deletions, and additions that were made to the document. Each editor is assigned a different color, so multiple editors are easy to track.
  • Encourage employees to use payroll direct deposit.
  • Receive vendor statements online instead of on paper.
  • Internet based payroll, annual returns & VAT return electronic filing.
  • The scanning of most documents instead of copying them.
  • The practice of referring clients to our website instead of sending out brochures, and the provision of links for our quality questionnaires.
  • All newspaper and magazine subscriptions have been changed from paper to online versions.
  • We send client mailers/newsletters via e-mail instead of paper.
  • The submission of invoices via e-mail or fax instead of mail to clients who will accept these formats.
  • Wherever possible we seek to purchase consumables, stationary, and other goods from green suppliers.
  • The conservation of water within our business, and the use of storage heating during the winter months.